Startups Against HB2

HB2 is wrong — for people and business. This site is a new and growing list of small businesses who know North Carolina can do better.

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As leaders in the startup & business community, we oppose HB2.

Start-ups and other small businesses create jobs and drive innovation across the whole state. We stand together to oppose HB2 as fundamentally against the spirit of diversity and inclusion that is essential for business.

Discrimination hurts people

HB2 bans our government from ensuring that our friends, our families, and our coworkers are protected from discrimination.

Bigotry harms business

North Carolina competes globally to recruit, train, and retain the most talented people in the world. It is imperative that our laws demonstrate that we value the civil liberties, spirit of inclusion, and the diversity of North Carolina's workforce. Divisive, regressive legislation like HB2 does just the opposite.

Fallout is happening now.

Small businesses have a big impact

As startups, we create 55% of all jobs in NC yearly. *

HB2 jeopardizes our economy

75% of institutional investment for NC companies comes from out-of-state.* These investments become the salaries, taxes and further investment capital that strengthen the NC economy. HB2 is currently jeopardizing this funding. That's bad for business.

Let's talk. #WeAreNotThis

We believe in moving forward, not backwards. We are against discrimination and HB2.
As a company that will be rapidly growing, we support love & tolerance for all people!

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This site started with a concerned group of North Carolina startups. We're happy to talk. If you'd like to learn more, contact Taylor!

Taylor Mingos